Access to quality content is Free for one and all
because Brands pay Publishers for visibility through ads.

AdBlocking breaks this harmony,
Secret Media helps publishers restore it.

We help publishers deal with AdBlocking

We provide Publishers with a solution to monetize AdBlocked Traffic.

Only best in class Publishers

We only work with Publishers who take care of their audience

and invest in premium content.

It’s all about technology

Our technology is developed in-house, patented, and based on a Polymorphic Encryption Algorithm.

All AdBlockers (hardware, plugins, malware, ISP set-top boxes, etc.) and Ad Formats are covered by our solution.

Our White Paper on AdBlockers : all you need to know.

Our Anti-Adblocker Manifesto : why AdBlockers are just wrong.

Our AdBlock and the global video market : Unmonetized Video Time Due To Adblock

Our A web without advertising : the implications and consequences of AdBlocking technologies on equal access to free content.